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YesHoney Collective is a dynamic brand development community tailored for entrepreneurs who are committed to growth and success. Our vision is to empower individuals to achieve their fullest potential by fostering a culture of creativity, resilience, and collaboration.

At YesHoney, we emphasize the importance of vision, accountability, and community. We believe that a clear vision is essential for realizing your goals and dreams. Through workshops, seminars, and coaching sessions, we help members clarify their visions and develop actionable plans to bring them to life.


Meet Tirzah Moneé

Life • Business • Accountability

Tirzah Moneé, is The International Brand Alchemist. A brand strategist and accountability coach working as a dream life architect helping high-achievers build transformational joy into the next level of their work and life.

Combining evidence-backed energetic tools with her experience in Design, AI, PR, Business development, & branding she has helped multiple clients build and grow high-impact six and seven-figure brands, blissfully and sustainably through her Brand Alchemy Accountability coaching program. 

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Game Changers Grow together.

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If it wasn’t for Tirzah, I wouldn’t have challenged myself to accept my first speaking engagement. She reached out to me to speak to YesHoney Collective’s Summit and I normally say no and have an excuse prepared but there was a small voice that said yes. I accepted the challenge and shared my story.

From that day, I’ve connected with people I wouldn’t have otherwise connected with and I’ve encouraged people who were afraid to live their truth and to that I’m eternally grateful. My business has seen an increase in clients and persons signing up to my mailing list. I’m glad that telling my story impacted my brand positively.

I would recommend YHC to anyone who knows they have a story to tell but has never had the courage to do so. You’re surrounded by people who you don’t know as yet but they’re rooting for you from your first sentence to the end. Everyone has a story to tell, someone needs to hear it and I know it’s difficult but I hope you find the courage to do so.